Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Bringing back the blog!

After almost exactly 10 years, we are bringing back our Methow Recycles blog! As you can see, we last posted in 2011, and my how things have changed since then!

Moving forward, we are excited to use this blog in a variety of ways. First, it will be a great way to share new information with you in a longer format than is possible on our social media channels. For example, during plastic-free February, we will highlight one Methow Recycles employee per week on the blog. We'll interview them about how things are going during plastic-free February, include some photos of their home and family, and then publish it all here. 

We also plan to use this blog as a "parking spot" for many of the articles we've written over the years that have been sent out in our e-news, perhaps never to be seen again. We want this to be a searchable resource that allows you to revisit all of the informative pieces that we've already shared with you, as well as those we plan to write in the future.

Check back tomorrow for all the details about plastic-free February and how you can join us! 

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