Sunday, February 14, 2021

Aidan's Plastic-Free February

I think we all agree that Plastic-Free February is challenging. Now imagine what it's like to go plastic-free while living in a TENT, in the foothills of the North Cascades, in the dead of winter! That's just what Methow Recycles employee Aidan Torres is doing. We are so impressed with his dedication to low-impact living. Read on for all the details.  

Methow Recycles: How many people are in your family, and what are their ages?

Aidan: Just two! Emily and I are both 24.

Methow Recycles: Do you have any pets?

Aidan: Yes, one cat named Ted!

Methow Recycles: What was the most difficult part of this challenge for your family?

Aidan: Lots of items at the store are in plastic! We eat lots of canned/ glass bottled food (cause, you know, tent life), but things like cheese are still wrapped in plastic. 

Methow Recycles: What was the easiest part for you and your family?

Aidan: Our friends and community have definitely helped us transition to plastic-free. We were given a lot of tools, such as a reusable grocery bag from eqpd, and are grateful there are local stores that allow us to refill on supplies without having to invest in more plastic.

Methow Recycles: Overall, has it been harder or easier than you imagined? How does that change among the different people in your household? 

Aidan: I think for both of us it’s been harder than we expected it to be. Everything is packaged in plastic now. When we first moved into the tent we definitely used more plastic, and now we are slowly transitioning out of that. 

Methow Recycles: Are there any products that have made staying away from plastic easier? 

Aidan: Re-usable coffee mugs, water bottles, and grocery bags have all been key.

Methow Recycles: Did you find a plastic-free hack in the valley we should know about?

Aidan: Glover Street Market, because they allow you to refill supplies using your own containers. 

Big thanks to Aidan and Emily for sharing their experience with us! 

Photos courtesy of Christina Gibson of White Out Racing Kennel.

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