Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is this a good year for a Metal Drive?

We're not sure, but we hope so! With commodity markets as volatile as they've been, we're approaching this cautiously, and will announce our decision by March 15th.

There are two main ingredients to the decision:

1. Pricing and processing costs, which we're working on.

2. How much metal are we likely to get, which is where you come in.

All vehicles that come to the metal drive need to have all fluids removed and a title or other proper documentation. We can help navigate this. You can haul the vehicle to the site in Twisp yourself, or have it towed at a reduced cost by one of our local towers.
  • If you have vehicles you'd like to get to the metal drive, please contact Betsy right away and let her know how many you've got.
  • Last time we relocated the equipment to two more properties to do clean up there. If you have a mountain of scrap metal or the back 40 is full of old cars, please let Betsy know about this also. We can help get the place cleaned up, and save property owners a whole bunch of work and money. No, you can't call in your neighbor's property, but you can let them know about the opportunity, and have them get in touch.

In addition to vehicles, all other kinds of metal are processed at the metal drive, including appliances.

Please watch this blog for Metal Drive 2010 updates, and spread the word. Betsy can also be reached at 996.2696.

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